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100% commission
100% Commission

Giving away 15% ~ 50% of your commission for some business cards and a gray desk is obsolete and unnecessary. With CURB

you keep one hundred percent of your commission.

Only pay a per transaction fee !

100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage California

• No Franchise Fees

• No Desk Fees

• No Hidden Fees

• No Sales Minimums

• No Meetings

• No Kidding

Real Estate License Parking Program

As a CURB member you have access to our exclusive "Real Estate License Parking” program. Our Real Estate License Parking program enables you to avoid all the expensive NAR, TR and local Board association dues. Only $29 monthly fee !

parking curb sign
free sales training
FREE Sales Training

As a Diamond Society agent I know what it takes to separate yourself from the crowd and make money in the ultra competitive business of real estate. Exclusively for CURB members, I teach you one-on-one how to market YOU. No more chasing down customers for the next transaction !

Topics include:

• How do I build a consistent stream of business ?

• How do I social media market myself ?

• What do I put on my facebook page ?

• How do I build a YouTube channel ?

• How do I separate myself from the crowd ?

• How to I get customers to find me online ?

• How do I get clients to hire me at Open Houses ?

• How do I negotiate a contract ?

professional support staff
Professional Support Staff

Just because we are an online based company doesn't mean you're alone. We have a professional in-house support staff you can call to help you along the way.  ..If you don't succeed, we don't succeed. Our Support Staff includes:

• Transaction Coordinator

• Escrow / Title officer

• Loan Broker

• Office Manager

• Office Broker

Professional Support
direct broker access

Need broker support for your transaction? No problem. We don't hide behind email. Give us a call at 888-279-4230 and we'll be happy to

answer your questions to keep your transactions on track.

CURB hours: 9am ~ 5pm. ..Our job is to make your job as efficient as possible. 

Direct Broker Access
transaction / escrow cord
Transaction / Escrow Coordination

Having someone handling the paperwork for your transaction while you are getting your next client is priceless ! When you use our professional certified Transaction / Escrow Coordinator, you don't waste your time processing numerous forms all day. Instead you can be using that time getting your next sale. That's why 90~95% of agents use a TC.

CURB offers two levels of TC service; Basic & VIP. Why not have your own personal in-house Transaction Coordinator do all the paperwork for your entire transaction. For more info: CURB's TC Services

If you'd like to take advantage of our Transaction Coordinator service to process your sale, email: transaction@CURB.estate or call 888-279-4230 x 2, and we'll get your escrow paperwork started today !

Transaction Coordination
escrow / title service
recruiting program

Talk about one-stop-shop, we even have an online in-house Escrow service for you and your buyers and sellers to utilize. If you are using our in-house Transaction Coordinator service they will even set up all your escrows for you.  One less thing for you to deal with. Literally, one call and one person does it all for you. CURB bonus; when you use CURB's in-house escrow you get paid directly the same day your transaction closes.


CURB Escrow
Escrow / Title Service


Receive $100 for every agent you invite to join CURB.  Just invite 7 agents a year to join puts a cool $700 in your pocket just for helping them keep their money! ..Not a bad gig !

Recruiting Program
CURB Recruiting Program
referral program
online paperless transactions
CURB Referral Program


Are you looking for a broker to just hang your license with ?  We can do that, ..No fee as an exclusive CURB referral member agent. Plus, while your license is hanging with CURB you'll receive $$$ in your mailbox for every closed referral! $29 monthly fee.




Referral Program

Online Paperless Transactions

With CURB, your entire transaction can be conducted entirely on your phone ! Transaction Forms, Signatures, Transaction Coordinator, and even Escrow - all online.

Along with paperless transactions, all CURB Realty services are set up specifically online to give you the agent, complete freedom in where you conduct your business and where you live. You no longer need to be tied down to a certain area because of where your real estate office is located. Live, work, and play anywhere you like !

Online Paperless Transactions

• Download & upload all your Transaction Files online

• Send & receive Digital Signatures online

• Work with your Transaction Coordinator online

• Conduct the entire Escrow online

No offices to drive to, no standing in front of copy machines, no chasing down signatures, no fax machines, - all relics of a bygone era. With CURB you can run your real estate business 24/7 from anywhere in the world without wearing a neck tie, high heels, or touching a piece of paper. There is literally no other real estate brokerage that enables you to keep all your commission and conduct your entire transaction on your phone. CURB is truly real estate's future.

direct pay from escrow


No more waiting around for checks showing up in the mail.  When you use CURB's in-house escrow, you get paid direct deposit to your bank from escrow the day your transaction closes. Even getting paid at CURB is paperless ! 

Direct Pay from Escrow
Flat Fee Real Estate Brokerage CA
for sale signs & biz cards


CURB is partnered with Signs.com for all your graphic and print media needs, including; For Sale Signs, Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, etc..  All CURB logos and graphics are already uploaded into the template for you.  Just add your smiling photo, email, website, and phone number, and you're ready to conquer the real estate world ! 

For Sale Signs & Business Cards
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