• Are there any monthly, annual, or start-up fees? 

   NO, there are no fees.


• Are there any required meetings?

   NO, there are no required meetings.


• Are there any sales minimumss?

   NO, there are no sales minimums.


• Does my current broker need to release my real estate license before transfering it to CURB?

  YES.  Go to the JOIN NOW page and download the TREC 1 form and have it signed by your current broker. 

  Then simply upload the form to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission site.


• When can I get broker phone support?

   You can reach us on the phone Monday ~ Friday, 3pm to midnight !

• Can I use my own Transaction Coordinator?

   YES, our TC's are awesome, but you may use any Transaction Coordinator you like. CURB TC Service

Is CURB a member of TR (Tennessee Realtors) & NAR (National Association of Realtors) ?

   YES, we are members of both TR & NAR.

• Do I need to join TR & NAR?

   NO, you are not required to join if you are going to Park Your License.

• Do I need to join a local real estate board?

   NO, If you are going to Park Your License you are not required to join a local board.

• Do I need to be a member the MLS?

   NO. However if you want access and list on the MLS then your local MLS will require you to join.  

• Can I do commercial transactions?

   YES, we allow our agents to conduct commercial transactions as well.  

• Can I do leases with CURB?

   YES, CURB agents are able to do lease transactions. 

• Can I sell business opportunities with CURB?

   YES, CURB members can sell businesses.


• How do I get paid?

   When using CURB's in house escrow service, you get paid directly to your bank account the same day your   

   transaction closes.


• Can I just hang my license with CURB and not join the board ?

    YES. CURB offers our members our exclusive License Parking program. This program allows our members   

   to avoid all the TR & NAR membership fees and still get paid for transactions! $29 monthly fee.


• Can new agents join?

   YES, new agents are welcome.


• Is there any agent training available?

   YES, we offer direct one-on-one training with our agents covering all aspects of your real estate business;   

   Marketing, Open Houses, Contracts, Social Media, Websites, SEO, ..and more !  All at no cost to CURB   

   members. What can be better than having your company's own personal trainer ?


• Do you offer a Recruiting Bonus program?

   YES, Receive $100 for every agent you invite to join CURB.  Just invite 7 agents a year to join puts a cool $700     in your pocket just for helping them keep their money! ..Not a bad gig !


• Can I do transactions anywhere in Tennessee?

   YES, our brokerage is available to any licensed Tennessee real estate agent anywhere in Tennessee.


• I'm in the middle of a transaction, can I transfer it?

   YES, just have your current broker & seller sign a Listing Transfer.  Contact your local MLS / Board for a    

    "Listing Transfer Form".


• Can I list properties for less than 6%?

   YES, you can charge any commission rate you like.

• Can I sign all my transaction forms on my phone?

   YES, CURB members have the ability to sign all their transaction forms on their phone from anywhere in the 


• Does CURB have a consumer website?


• Does CURB offer commission advances?

   YES, CURB Commission Cash allows our members to get cash advances on their pending transactions.


• Do I really keep all of my commission?

   YES, you really keep all your commission.



How 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage Works?